Participants, You can create your own Sona account by clicking on the "Request an Account" link on the left side of the screen. Your User ID (which should be your Panther ID) and password will be emailed to you.

**PLEASE NOTE** Participants must assign each credit earned to a specific class. You cannot use the same credit for multiple classes. Please make these assignments for each individual credit through Sona-systems after that credit has been administered to you. **ATTENTION STUDENTS** students who accrue two penalty points will no longer be able to access Sona Systems to participate in research for the remainder of the semester.

Researchers and Instructors, your Login and Password were emailed to you. If you forgot, your User ID is your Panther ID preceded by the letter 'r' or 'i', respectively you may use the password-retrieval function to the left. If you need a new Researcher Account, email David Beane at

Documentation files explaining the system's features are available by clicking here. If you have trouble logging in, or have other questions, email David Beane at

PLEASE make sure that you set your email account's SPAM FILTER to allow email from

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